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Software portfolio


MediaConnect subscription management software is a leading SAAS subscription and CRM solution in Norway and Sweden.

Our software solutions consists of two platforms: Connect and ConnectID. 


Connect covers all aspects of subscription management and allows customer to manage multiple subscription products, general product sales, membership and digital content. The solution offers flexible and automated billing solutions, campaign management and CRM. 

ConnectID is our identity management solution providing secure and flexible payment with a variety of payment options. Key processes include user registration, log-in, access-control and payment.

Software portfolio overview:

Product / price

  • Flexible options to configure your product or service properties and pricing models. 

  • Campaign management

  • Shipping/distribution plans


  • Extensive customization on several levels.

  • Flexible design and output

  • Built-in invoice hotel.

  • Automation and control


  • All major payment methods available in one place. Easy and flexible set-up. 

  • Payment Gateway fully integrated to the paymentproviders, supporting both redirect or seamless view in orderflow.

Digital User Management

  • User access control

  • Customization of user processes. 

  • Integrated orderflow

  • Fully integrated to subscription system.


  • Rolebased CRM apps

  • Automation and control

  • Built-in workflow solution

  • Integrated e-mail, SMS, CTI and Chat

  • Plug-ins to external apps


  • Build and implement your preferred sales stratgy 

  • A large number of sales possibilities available

  • Customize your orderflow

  • A/B testing


  • Fully featured accounts receivables support.

  • Multi currency.

  • Financial reporting.

  • General ledger plug-in


  • A great choice of reports  available through Reports app.

  • Report customization options.

  • Data extraction options


  • API interface to retrieve and update data.

  • Ready to go plug-ins to a numerous 3rd party solutions. 

  • Webhooks

  • Data extraction support through built in app.

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