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Aftermarket services

Mediaconnect offers a wide range of aftermarket services.

To a great number of clients, we manage everything regarding our software.
From standard application support and end user support, to software maintenance and subscription services.

Regardless of the type of set-up you would like, we are ready to do our very best to fulfill your needs.


Aftermarket services overview:


Service includes hosting and maintenance of servers, database services, storage and back-up of data

Software maintenance

Service includes maintenance and configuration of the software. For instance implementing new paymentproviders, changig extisting business processes, campaign management etc.

Subscription services

Service includes performing and monitoring regular tasks and processes the software supports. In example, invoicing processes or marketing automation processes

Application support

Service includes maintenance of technical infrastructure and regularly new versions of the software. This includes procedures to provide appropriate release of new versions and systematic track of all details regarding the software.

End user support

Service includes handling different types of customer tasks or questions regarding the software. Walking the users through challenges or assist with user training.

Project management

Service includes planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of projects, often in conjunction with our software. In example development projects or migration projects. We can also take part in projects to assist our customers with technical expertise / domain expertise.

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